Monday, 30 December 2019

Birding Review of 2019

 Another enjoyable birding year although there seemed to be more interruptions due to poor weather than in other years. A good selection of birds seen as usual and a new one for me which was the Cetti's Warbler. Here are my top ten of 2019 as the New Year approaches, lets hope the birds keep coming.
Happy New Year.
10. Wheatear - I always look forward to seeing the arrival of migrants in the spring this bird was passing by at a local reservoir.
Wheatear - Local Reservoir 11-5-2019

9. Gadwall - This is not a bird I see much of in the local area so I was really pleased to catch up with this one at Redcar Tarn.
Gadwall - Redcar Tarn 18-3-2019
8. Kingfisher - The Kingfisher is my favourite bird so I have to find a place for it in my list.
Kingfisher - Dowley Gap 12-1-2019
7. Little Egret - This is another bird I don't see much of locally seen here at the Stockbrdge NR.
Little Egret - Stockbrdge NR 14-12-2019
6. Water Rail - This bird was also seen on the BOG members Stockbridge NR on the same day.
Water Rail - Stockbridge NR 14-12-2019
5. Spotted Flycatcher - Towards the end of Summer the migrants begin to return from their breeding grounds on the journey South, I caught up with this one at Denholme Clough.
Spotted Flycatcher - Denholme Clough 24-8-2019
4. Goldcrest - During Winter the number of Goldcrest increase as Northern birds over Winter in our milder climate, always difficult to get a picture of though as they move quickly, so this had to make the top ten.
Goldcrest - Lister Park 3-3-2019
3. Reed Warbler - A bird which returns annually during Summer to breed, rather camera shy so I was pleased with this effort.
Reed Warbler - Swillington Ings 7-6-2019
2. Cetti's Warbler - This was a lifer for me, they seem to be spreading North so hopefully will see more of them in future.
Cetti's Warbler - Swillington Ings 17-4-2019
1. Dunlin - I was delighted to get close enough to this bird at a local reservoir to get a good picture making it my number one for 2019.
Dunlin - Local Reservoir 25-5-2019


  1. A lovely selection of birds, the Reed Warbler photo is a fantastic capture!

  2. Thanks for your comment Pam.
    I must say I was pleased with the Reed Warbler picture, they usually fly away before the camera gets to focus on them or the Reeds get in the way.