Saturday, 20 August 2011

Glovershaw and Sconce

Saturday 20th August a.m.
   This morning we joined other members of BOG for a walk starting off at Bracken
Hall and heading towards Weecher Reservoir through Glovershaw on the edge of
Baildon Moor. It was a fine sunny start to the day with a temperature of 15°C as we
set off, the first birds I noted was 4 Swifts flying above Shipley Glen. We saw many
other birds on the long walk which was a little too far for me, other birds of note
were Little Owl,Kestrel,Stock Dove,Linnet,Cannadas,Wheatear,Grey Partridge,Grey
Heron,Willow Warbler,Reed Bunting and Swallows. There were less migrants than
hoped for but still a good selection of birds noted above as well as other common species.
   A fellow member spoke to us about the dissappearing Tufted Duck chicks at Redcar
Tarn, telling us that there are Pike in the Tarn, this being a preditor fish is likely to be the
cause of their loss.
Little Owl well camouflaged



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