Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hewenden Reservoir and Countyside

Sunday 28th August a.m.
  This morning started off sunny with a blustery wind blowing, clouds began to appear
and there was the odd light shower, the temperature was about 10°C. We walked on
towards Hewenden Reservoir there were 6 House Martins feeding above their nesting
sites in Cullingworth and there were Gulls flying over in twos and threes. There was little
else about other than Crows and Collard Doves until we reached Hewenden Viaduct,
from here we could see a field full of around 100 Gulls,mainly BH with 10 or so LBB.
Also from here we could see 10 Swallow feeding above the trees, on the Reservoir
there was a couple of Mallards, the lone Swan, a couple of Gulls and Canadas.Walking
through the surrounding woodland there was very little to see although we could hear various
birds.Coming back round the Reservoir we saw a Rainbow in the distance and got a closer
view of the Gulls. Close by we saw c80 House Martins feeding around and above a large tree.
  This is my 100th post since I began in February after seeing Brian's blog and deciding to
have a go myself. With my dads help I've seen many birds locally and on Reserves which
has been great and the internet allows me to share my pictures and sightings with everybody.
You get some bad days when your lucky if you see a Crow and others when I've seen
Dippers,Curlew,Cuckoo and only yesterday a Kingfisher. I'm looking forward to my first
Autumns birding when migrants are passing through and Winter visitors return.

More Gulls

House Martins,had to clean my screen to see some of these!

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  1. Some good local birding this weekend Danny and a good variety of birds