Sunday, 8 April 2012

Dowley Gap, Bingley

Sunday April 8th a.m.
 Yet another dull morning but it did brighten up with a few sunny spells later in the morning the
temperature when we arrived was 8°C. There were several Greenfinch at the side of the road
where we park with three Greylags and a Mistle Thrush in the field. On the canal there was another
Greylag along with a couple of Mallards, a Song Thrush sang in a nearby tree. As we looked over to the Sewage Works there were c150 Black-headed Gulls and we spotted a Fox which laid down and was
surrounded by Magpies. Further along there were four Pied Wagtails and we watched a Wren singing.
As we were stood a pair of Oystercatchers flew low over us and landed in the Sewage works.We went
over the Aqueduct and into Hirst Wood alongside the River Aire seeing a female Goosander on the river.
There was Chiffchaff singing and we could here a GSW drumming, we had another low fly over, this time
by a Grey Heron which landed at the side of the river in front of us, again we were not quick enough to
get a snap.There were plenty Woodpigeons around and we saw four Stock Doves. We retraced our
steps back taking a snap of a couple of Feral Pigeons as we went over the Aqueduct, we saw some Chaffinch singing here. We went back along the canal over the bridge and in to a wood called Bull Copy again walking along the bank of the River Aire. The rowing boats were out on the river so apart from a
couple of Robins and Carrion Crow it was quiet. We admired some of the flowers making most of the
light before the leaves appear on the trees. We saw Butterbur,Lesser Celandine,Wood Anemone and
Bluebells. A good mornings birding and seeing some spring flowers in the woodland.



Feral Pigeons

Grey Heron


Fox surrounded by Magpies



Lesser Cellandine

Wood Anemone

Bull Copy Wood


  1. Great Fox shots, Danny. I`m very envious, as i`ve never managed to capture one with the camera.

  2. Nice pic of the Greylag, mind those magpies look like they're taking a bit of a risk! I agree its lovely to see the anenome, celandines & emerging bluebells in the woodlands just before the canopies start to fill out, Linda