Friday, 29 March 2013

Dowley Gap

Friday March 29th a.m.
 We followed on from Lister Park to Dowley Gap at Bingley where the temperature
had risen to 2°C, with some cloud bubbling up.In the fields behind the canal were
some Canadas & Greylags with a couple more on the canal itself.We walked on the
towpath looking over to the water treatment works seeing BH Gulls & a pair of
Oystercatchers. Further along the track we saw and heard several Wrens, Pied
Wagtails were also here with others being in the filter tanks with a few Grey Wagtails,
Meadow Pipits & a Song Thrush. We went across the Aqueduct which had re-opened
and took the path to the River Aire seeing eight Goosanders on the river.Others here
were Mallards,Moorhen & in the woods LT Tits,Robins & other common species.

female Goosander

male Goosander


Pied Wagtail


River Aire flowing through Hirst Wood

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