Thursday, 28 March 2013

Redcar Tarn

Thursday March 28th p.m.
 A visit to Redcar Tarn above Keighley this afternoon where the sun briefly made an
appearance but still cold at 2°C.Good numbers of BH & Common Gulls with the
Mallards,Coots & Canadas. A small flock of Lapwings flew over and there were a
couple of Goldfinch. A few other common species along with the hybrid Ducks and
Geese.The water was 70% frozen over and snow drifts blocked the path down one
side of the Tarn but the birds seemed to be coping well with the poor conditions.
c200 - BH Gulls
53 - Common Gull
1 - LBB Gull
c75 - Mallards
12 - Coot
10 - Lapwing
6 - Canadas
3 - Goldfinch
plus other common species
BH Gull

LBB Gull


Common Gull


Redcar Tarn, Kly

Most of the water covered with ice & snow 

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