Monday, 11 March 2013

Harold Park & Park Dam

Monday March 11th p.m.
 A day of sunshine & snow showers with a cold North Easterly wind blowing making
it feel even colder. My dad had an afternoon off work so he decided to do some birding &
take some snaps for my blog heading off to Harold Park & Park Dam, here is his report.
 It was a cold 1°C on arrival at Harold Park where I was pleased to see the Black Swan 
was still present along with the pair of Gt Crested Grebes.Other birds included Canadas,
Mallards,BH Gulls,Mute Swan,Moorhen,Coot & Tufted Duck. I managed to get some
snaps in the sunshine before another light snow shower arrived and I retreated to the car
and went down the road to Park Dam.
 Here it was -0.5°C and with the wind blowing across the water it felt colder although the sun
was back by now making it a lot more bearable.There were several House Sparrows around the
area where I parked,walking through to the Dam where there were several birds on the water.
These were BH Gulls,Common Gulls,Coots,Moorhen,Canadas,Mallards,Tufted Duck &
a distant Gt Crested Grebe. I caught sight of a Carrion Crow coming from a stand of trees
in the distance,it was joined briefly by a Kestrel which then retreated back towards the
trees where it disappeared. The Gt C. Grebe started heading towards me so I sat down for a
while hoping to get a snap of it in its colour breeding plumage.It got half way across the Dam
before turning back,so no snap today and time for me to head home.
All the snaps were taken at Harold Park.
P.S. I have just read the report by NK on his Birdbrain blog of his visit earlier in the day and
I too missed the so called resident Pochard,Teal & Scaup on the description sign.
Black Swan

Mute Swan

pair of Mallards

Tufted Duck

Harold Park's small pond partly covered by ice

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