Saturday 16 March 2013

Leeshaw & Leeming

Saturday March 16th a.m.
Leeshaw Reservoir
A cold dull damp morning on our arrival at Leeshaw Reservoir with a temperature
of 1.5°C,luckily the fog was higher up so we had some reasonable visibility.Not good
for taking snaps with the grey skies but managed a couple to keep things going despite
this we still saw some good birds.My first Curlew of the year here with a good number
of Lapwings, some displaying now a good sign of spring .Oystercatchers were moving
around and there were some Pied Wagtails.
c50 - BH Gull
2 - Cormorant
10 - Canadas
5 - Curlew
2 - Greylags
35 - Lapwing
3 - Oystercatcher
4 - Pheasant
4 - Pied Wagtail
plus other common species

Pied Wagtail
Leeming Reservoir
 A little warmer here at 3°C but still dull & Overcast skies,we started well seeing two Pied 
Wagtails on the Dam wall & a Rook landed briefly in front of us.Walking down the muddy
path along side the reservoir we heard & then saw a Curlew fly over,a good site tick for us,
which was quickly followed by another when we saw a Lapwing fly over.On the water were
Canadas & Mallards plus the Drake Goldeneye was still present. We saw a few Robins & a
Song Thrush was singing in a distant tree, a good few other common species were seen rounding
off a good mornings birding.
Drake Goldeneye still present.

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