Saturday, 30 March 2013

Harold Park & Park Dam

Saturday March 30th a.m.
 Another sunny morning as we set off to Harold Park,still plenty of snow in
the fields and piled high at the side of the roads in Denholme & Queensbury.
On our arrival at Harold Park the temperature was 1.5°C, the main birds here
were Canadas,Mallards,Tufted Ducks,Coots,Moorhen,Mute Swan,BH Gull &
Common Gulls. We managed to spot a Gt.Crested Grebe which was hidden well,
a Cormorant circled round the lake a couple of times giving me the chance to get a
snap; as we went we also saw a Song Thrush and some other common species.
 We moved down the road to Park Dam where there again were good numbers of
BH & Common Gulls on the water & feeding in nearby fields. Also on the water were
Coots,Mallards,Tufted Ducks,Moorhen,Mute Swan & we caught up with the Black
Swan which is always a pleasure to see.
 Back at home we have been keeping the bird feeders well stocked during this very cold
early spring. We have been rewarded with many species which are benefiting from our
efforts these include Blackbird,Bullfinch,Blue Tit,Chaffinch,Goldfinch,Greenfinch,Jackdaw,
LT Tit,Siskin,Song Thrush & Woodpigeon. This morning I looked through the window
seeing a white circle in the Cherry Tree, I went for my binoculars to check it out and there
watching the bird feeders was a Sparrowhawk. I ran for the camera but needless to say
when I got back it was gone.
BH Gull

Common Gull 1st Winter

Common Gulls

Mute Swans



Tufted Duck

Song Thrush

Black Swan at Park Dam

Harold Park


  1. Well done for getting out in the cold you two.
    PS. The Song Thrush is a Mistle!

  2. Thanks Brian, thought I,d got the hang of them Mistle & Song Thrushes,never
    mind,hope this snow & cold weather goes soon!