Friday, 29 March 2013

Lister Park

Friday March 29th a.m.
 Some more sunshine this morning to continue the slow thaw of the lying snow, just 0°C
at Lister Park in Bradford.Walking carefully on the icy paths we made our way to the
lake where there were BH Gulls,Common Gulls,Canadas,Coots,Moorhen,Mallards,Feral
Pigeons & Tufted Ducks. The Coots were in a small group squabbling maybe another sign
of spring even though the weather is still poor.A good part of the lake was frozen over but
enough free water for the birds.Nice to see some blue sky for a change, a Wren was
looking for food near the stream as I took a picture of the scene so I managed to get a snap
of it in the snow.A few other common species were seen around this area before we headed
off towards Bingley.

Feral Pigeon in the sun light

female Tufted duck

male Tufted Duck


BH & Common Gull

Coots Squabbling



Lister Park

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