Saturday, 2 March 2013

Leeshaw & Leeming Reservoirs

Saturday March 2nd a.m.
 A bright & sunny start to the day with a ground frost as we went the long way
round to Leeshaw Reservoir via Cold Edge Dams with a temperature of 1°C. We
were hoping to see a Grouse but were dissapointed & we saw no sign of Curlew yet
either.We did see Canadas,Greylags,Mallards and a Robin singing merrily.Another
couple of birds were also singing and showing briefly from time to time among the
Conifers which we struggled to ID, however we did get a snap of it which helped us
see surprisingly it was a Goldcrest,there were also a pair of Chaffinch singing.We moved
on passed Fly Flats where there was a good number of Canadas onto Leeshaw Reservoir.
 Leeshaw Reservoir
 Here it was good to see a pair of returning Oystercatchers fly over the water & land on a
distant wall.There were BH Gulls on the water with Greylags,Canadas & Pink-footed Geese.
The Cormorant was in its usual spot on top of the tower & some Lapwings had returned to
the surrounding fields.
11 - BH Gull
19 - Canadas
13 - Greylag
9 - Pink-footed Geese
2 - Oystercatcher
1 - Cormorant
6 - Lapwing
Leeming Reservoir
 Here there were Mallards,Greylag,Common Gull,BH Gull, on the water & we were also
treated to a male Goldeneye which was unexpected. A Pied Wagtail appeared near the
overflow channel quickly followed by a Grey Wagtail which gave us the run around as we tried
to get a snap. A Jay flew over the water & landed in a distant tree & a bird soared above us,
we were unsure about what this was. It was quite high we decided on a Kestrel although we
don't normally see them soar like this one did,maybe it was enjoying the rare blue skies & warm
 Later in the morning we went to Dowley Gap,report to follow.

Canadas & Greylag at CED

Canadas coming in to land at Leeshaw


Greylags with Pink-footed Geese behind

male Goldeneye at Leeming

Kestrel we think soaring high

Pied Wagtail

Leeshaw Reservoir

A distant Leeshaw

Leeming Reservoir


  1. Nice find on the Pinkies, yes its a Kestrel which often soar up on the thermals.
    Cracking shot of Leeming, postcard material.

  2. Thanks Brian, good to know I got the Kestrel right and it was good to see the Pinkies at Leeshaw, have a good birding Sunday, those Curlew might be back.