Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Birding Review of 2014

 Well we've had another good years birding with several new species seen along with many of our old favourites.We were pleased to get passed the 100 species mark again in the local BOG area with some good additions on our Nature Reserve visits, or coastal outings. We've once again put some of our highlights in to a top ten birds list.Looking forward to another exciting birding year in 2015, hope
you all have a Happy New Year.
10. Sedge Warbler
 We were lucky enough to see a local Sedge Warbler at Redcar Tarn this year but on a trip to Leighton Moss back in May my dad got this great picture.He was walking to the first hide through the Reeds with birds flitting about to his left but the sun was behind them. This bird showed to his right  with the sun on it making conditions just right for the picture below.
Sedge Warbler
9. Stonechat
 Back in July we were heading to see a bird reported at Fly Flatts when we saw a couple of Stonechats & were able to get this picture of the male as a welcome bonus.
8. Brambling
 A late entry into our top ten as we saw a flock of Chaffinch & Brambling At Redcar Tarn on Christmas Eve & were able to get a decent snap of this Winter visitor.
7. Willow Tit
 Whilst I was in Mansfield going through my grading for a Black belt in Taekwondo in early November my dad paid a trip to Carsington Water in Derbyshire.It was here whilst watching birds visiting a bird table that he saw Willow Tits, a rarely seen bird locally.
Willow Tit
6. Kingfisher
 This wonderful little bird has consistently made my top tens over the last four years while we have been out & about birding & blogging about our sightings.We have managed to get pictures of them each year which have improved with better cameras as we progress.This bird was pictured in late November at the edge of the canal on a visit to Dowley Gap.
5. Purple Sandpiper
 Back in April we had a family outing to Bridlington on the Yorkshire East coast whilst there the bird life was noted with Turnstones being there in good numbers.As we looked at the edge of the sea as the tide was going out there were a couple of small birds one was on a post.We took a few snaps thinking they were probably Dunlin & posted our report on our return.Thankfully we have always had good support from our fellow birders & bloggers, on this occasion NK who does the Birdbrain blog informed us we had a Purple Sandpiper. Thanks to him we had a lifer & it shows the importance of getting those snaps whenever you can, particularly if your unsure of an ID.
Purple Sandpiper
4. Great White Egret
 It was on another visit to Leighton Moss the RSPB reserve near Morecambe in August that we saw a rare visitor to the North of England in the form of a Great White Egret, another lifer.
Great White Egret
3. Great Northern Diver
 In July a Great Northern Diver was found by NK at Fly Flatts, a day or so later we had the chance to get up there & see it for ourselves just before it departed, another lifer.Recently we have all been treated to another GND at Mixenden reservoir & again we were able to see this bird.The bird pictured is at Fly Flatts.
Great Northern Diver
2. Red Breasted Merganser
 In October my dad paid a routine visit to Redcar Tarn, as he was walking round he bumped in to a fellow BOG birder who told him a juvenile Red Breasted Merganser was with the Goosanders.He was able to pick this out with its longer & thinner bill & get some snaps.
Red Breasted Merganser
1. Grasshopper Warbler
 Back in May my dad paid a visit to Denholme Clough which is fairly close to us.It was here that he saw a bird you normally only hear reeling in the long grass, he also managed this wonderful snap making it my number one for 2014.
Grasshopper Warbler


  1. Stonechat gets my vote -
    but thats a great photographic record of your 2014 highlights.
    Happy New Year

    1. Thanks John, Happy New Year to you & your family

  2. Keep up the good work in 2015 lads, you,ll have an impressive list for 2014 with the time , effort and miles you,ve put into it. All the best to Nigel, Daniel Jackie and Hannah.

    1. Thanks Brian your comments are always appreciated, Best wishes to you & Lynda for 2015.