Wednesday 24 December 2014

Redcar Tarn

Wednesday 24th December p.m.
 A better day than of late with some sunshine & occasional shower but feeling bitterly cold with the strong wind up at Redcar Tarn although 5°C.The Tarn held the usual species in good numbers & walking round we added Robin & Wren.In the field opposite the car park was a mixture of BH Gulls,Lapwings & Starlings which moved around as something lifted them, on one of these times we saw a Kestrel fly past.In the far corner of the field we saw some small birds flitting around under some trees so decided to go see what they were.A short walk along Tarn Lane took us to the spot where we could see there were a number of Chaffinch.We spent some time watching them as they moved around hoping to see a different bird amongst them, after a while success when we started to see a few Brambling.A real treat to see these birds among the Chaffinch flock & the first time I've actually seen them, worth getting frozen for.
 Merry Christmas to everyone! 

Redcar Tarn List

male Brambling



male Chaffinch

Redcar Tarn 24/12/2014

A real treat to see Brambling


  1. Nice one with the Brambling.I've yet to get one this autumn/winter.
    Best Wishes for Christmas.

  2. Thanks John, Merry Christmas to you & your family.