Monday, 29 December 2014

Ogden Water

Monday 29th December a.m.
 My dad had some shopping to do in Halifax and on his way back decided to have a walk round Ogden Water, here is his report.
 Another sub zero night with a deep frost this morning making conditions difficult,the car park at Ogden was bottle ice, the temperature just 1°C.As I walked across the car park I saw one chaps legs go from under him & fall on his backside,he was all right but a reminder of how much care was needed to keep up right.Still there were plenty of people about walking their dogs & some out with young children enjoying the Winter sunshine.
 So to the birds starting at the promenade there were Mallards,BH & Common Gulls & at the top end of the reservoir I could see a drake Goldeneye. I headed off to do a lap of the reservoir seeing Robins on the way then nearing the top end a bird was in a tree.I thought Kestrel, as I walked round to it I was surprised to see it still there, it was eating its breakfast, possibly a pigeon.By now the
Goldeneye was heading along the opposite bank, the top pond had a few Mallards on it & was looking very picturesque.I headed up to the Duck feeding area getting chance of a picture or two of Robins & Dunnock.The Goldeneye of course was now on the opposite bank, but then it headed into the middle & towards my bank so a quick back track & I managed a couple of pictures before it was off again.Then it was off to the bird feeders by the shop where I saw Nuthatch,Coal Tit,Blue Tit & Great Tit before braving the bottle ice in the car park & off home for dinner.N.P.



Kestrel with something in its claws


Top pond looking a picture

Ogden Water 29/12/2014


  1. Cracking photos - love the Robin looking at the icicle!

    1. Thanks John, there were plenty Robins around.N.P.

  2. Those Robins are so tame now I had one taking bits of dog biscuit from my hand on Sunday, the dogs were,nt too happy about it!

    1. The Robins were very friendly, the dogs would have been useful to pull me round on a sledge it was that icy.N.P.