Monday, 20 April 2015

Soil Hill Ring Ouzel search

Monday 20th April a.m.
 After the mist started to clear I headed for Soil Hill hoping it would be fog free & fingers crossed for my Ring Ouzel search.On arrival it was still a bit misty but visibility was OK, I headed up the track picking up Skylark & Meadow Pipits on the way.Then I started searching on the side described by BS with no initial luck. I headed down the hill then noticed a bird land behind me some distance away, I got the bins on it & Eureka a male Ring Ouzel! I headed back up the hill hoping for a better view but off it flew, I found a spot to sit hoping it would come back & soon after it flew right above me giving a great view.After a while there was no more sign so I headed back down the hill & got three birds going into some bushes,they were not visible though soon after I picked one up at the bottom of the hill, again along way away. I went half way down the hill & again found a spot to sit hoping they would come closer but no luck.I did get a Reed Bunting though along with Curlew,Wheatear,Lapwing & a couple of Deer.
 The sun was out now & it was warming up happy with seeing the Ring Ouzels for the first time I headed back up the hill bumping in to DP on the upper path.It was good to see him again & have a chat before I was off home for some lunch.As I was driving along the bottom road there were a couple of Swallows on an overhead wire so I stopped & got our first Swallow picture of the year.N.P.

Reed Bunting

male Ring Ouzel



  1. I love your pages,Danny. Always amazed at what you see and what I should expect to see.

  2. Glad you got the Ouzel Nigel. 6 up there now.

  3. Well done with the Ouzel , they are not easy to get - good photos.

  4. Thanks to the Bingley birdwatcher glad you enjoy the blog.

    Delighted to see them, your description of their general area helped me spot the three I saw, so another thank you Brian, Six is a great number hope they stay a while.N.P.

  5. Thanks John, a lifer for me so very pleased.N.P.