Friday, 16 September 2016

Redcar Tarn

Friday 16th September p.m.
 I had some time free this afternoon so paid a visit to Redcar Tarn where it was cloudy with a temperature of 15°C.Over the road from the Tarn the field was full of c150 Starlings & c65 Lapwings, also seen were Linnets and a Meadow Pipit.On the Tarn itself was the usual mix of Mallards,Canadas,Tufted Ducks,BH Gulls and LBB Gulls.There was also 11 Muscovys and Pied Wagtails, as I was walking round I spotted a single Wigeon on the island.Later as I was taking some pictures of other birds it came off the island and came close enough to the car park for some decent pictures.N.P.


Muscovy Ducks

Pied Wagtail

BH Gull Juv

LBB Gull Juv

LBB Gull

A returning Wigeon

Redcar Tarn 16/9/2016

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