Sunday, 4 September 2016

Lister Park

Sunday 4th September a.m.
 A poor morning with cloud and frequent rain showers and a temperature of 15°C at Lister Park on the edge of Bradford.We headed for the main lake where the usual Canada,Mallards,Coots,Moorhen and Tufted Ducks were present.There was a Grey Heron on the boats and areal bonus as we walked round we saw a flash of blue on the first island as a Kingfisher came from the waters edge and into the trees.We could just make out part of its blue back through the trees, we moved off and then it came out circled the lake and off it went in to the distance.As we moved further round a Grey Wagtail
landed a few meters in front of us and posed for a couple of snaps.As another shower arrived we sheltered under some trees and took a couple of tufted duck snaps, it was good to get a couple of snaps of Juvenile BH Gulls to highlight the difference to yesterdays Juv Med Gull.When the shower stopped we took that as our chance to head for home.
Grey Heron

Grey Wagtail

Juv BH Gull

Coots & a Tufted Duck

female Tufted Duck in the rain

male Tufted Duck

Lister Park

Lister Park 4/9/2016

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