Friday, 9 September 2016

Keighley Moor Reservoir

Friday 9th September a.m.
 Some sunshine this morning with a temperature of 15°C as I parked the car up at Slippery Ford and made my way  up through the strong head wind to Keighley Moor Reservoir.At the start of the walk there were 12 Swallows flying around and occasionally resting on the overhead wires, there was also a charm of c40 Goldfinch feeding on the thistle seeds and a Reed Bunting was seen.All through the walk Mipits were seen totalling 20 and at the reservoir there were a couple of Canadas.There were a couple of birders there saying it had been a quiet morning but a couple of Stonechats made the long walk worthwhile.There were several Dragonflies flying around one of which kindly rested on a wall for its picture taking.N.P.



Keighley Moor 9/9/2016

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