Sunday, 25 September 2016

Dowley Gap

Sunday 25th September a.m.
 We had a trip to Dowley Gap in the Bingley area this morning where it was a cloudy start with a light shower during the morning and a temperature of 14°C.A walk on the canal saw the usual Mallards and three Moorhen,Jay but the highlight was a Wood Duck.Heading back the other way we had the blue flash of a Kingfisher pass us by and near the water works were Grey & Pied Wagtails, Dunnock,Robin,Wren and a couple of Warblers which we think were Chiffchaffs which like this area but we weren't sure.We also had a fly over from a Cormorant and a couple of Canadas.
 Back at home in the garden a Wren was posing nicely on our fence so a rush for the camera  and just in time we got a snap of it.
Wood Duck


Grey Wagtail

Moorhen Juv

Pied Wagtail


Pied Wagtails & Warbler

Wren in our garden

Dowley Gap 25/9/2016

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