Friday, 20 April 2018

Dowley Gap

Friday 20th April a.m.
 Another cloudy morning with fog on the surrounding hills I headed to the lower ground of Dowley Gap where the temperature was a cool 11°C.I headed along the canal towards the seeing a Jay on the way water treatment works where I saw a strangely marked Oystercatcher. Overhead there was a mixture of House Martins,Sand Martins and Swallows altogether totalling c50 birds.As I went through Hirst Wood I saw a pair of Coal Tits and at the edge of the River was a Grey Wagtail, a couple of Grey Herons flew past above the trees and the blue flash of a Kingfisher went past me upstream.


Coal Tit

Grey Wagtail

Dowley Gap 20/4/2018

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