Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Garden Visitors

Tuesday 17th April p.m.
A dull afternoon with drizzle and a temperature of 13°C, I had a check through the window seeing a bird on the feeder in the garden, Siskin which was joined by a second bird.I haven't seen these for a while in the garden but decided to try and get a picture of them, I grabbed the camera and ran upstairs getting a couple of pictures through the window.A Bullfinch then came to the feeder soon joined by a Goldfinch, then another bird chased the Bullfinch off and went on to the feeder, my first thought was male Chaffinch, but no it was a Brambling, Wow! This is my first sighting of one in Cullingworth and to get a garden tick too, the pictures are poor through the window and gloom and don't do this smart bird justice but are a great record for me.To finish this ten minutes off in the garden a Grey Heron flew overhead.



Grey Heron


  1. Hey up Nigel.
    Brambling in the garden!!
    Thats a pretty cool garden tick.

  2. Thanks John,
    I couldn't believe it when I saw it.