Sunday, 8 April 2018

Park Dam

Sunday 8th April a.m.
I made my way from Harold Park down the road to Park Dam parking in my usual spot next to a hedgerow which borders the field.I saw the usual Blackbirds,House Sparrow,Wren,Dunnock,Robin and Blue Tit here.Then a different bird caught my eye, locating it with the bins it was a returning Blackcap, there were at least four of them as I scanned the hedge further.I spotted at least one female the rest were males, they were very mobile and it proved difficult to get a picture through the tree branches.
 I then decided to go through the entrance in to the field and to the Lake but as I approached another bird fluttered towards me, Swallow it was joined by a second bird they then flew to an overhead wire where there was another three birds.I of course followed camera in hand and got some pictures although the dull light meant they weren't the best pictures of Swallows.I headed back to the entrance to the field when the yaffling of a Green Woodpecker broke out coming from the wood at the top of the hill.I spotted a bird in the tree tops but at about 100m distance could not ID it through the bins.I took a picture hoping this might give me an ID later,and indeed it did, confirming Green Woodpecker.
 Finally I got to the lake which held three GCG,Mute Swans,Tufteds and the other usual species.I walked towards the other side along the path when a Kestrel came in to view diving in to the grass then back on to the pylon.In the distance I heard a Chiffchaff singing and headed in its direction, I soon located it getting a good view of the bird and some decent pictures.
 All together a great mornings birding and with the arrival of some summer birds to cap it off.
First Swallow of 2018

male Blackcap

female Blackcap

Record shot of a Green Woodpecker approx 100meters away


Gt C.Grebe


In full voice

Park Dam 8/4/2018

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