Sunday, 16 September 2018

Redcar Tarn

Sunday 16th September a.m.
Sunshine and showers with a strong blustery wind up at the Tarn this morning where the temperature was 13°C.The field which is being developed in to a crematorium held c150 Lapwings, 25 Starlings and 35 Canadas.There were c100 BH Gulls and just five juvenile LBB Gulls on the water along with Coots and Mallard and the usual odd ball Ducks. One of these stood out as a possible Pintail, see what you think from the pictures below.There were also a few Rooks and Pied Wagtails about.

Pied Wagtail


Possible Pintail

Good comparison with Mallard behind

Anybody confirm one way or the other?

Rainbow at Redcar Tarn 16/9/2018


  1. I think Pintail as well, could be same female seen at fly flatts during the week

  2. Thanks Dave , good to get a second opinion which confirms Pintail.
    Just looked on your site seeing the Barn Owl pictures, wonderful to see, well done Dave, don't think I'll every get so close to a Barn Owl.

  3. Further research in to my Pintail has concluded that the bird is a Hybrid, thanks to KM for letting me know and the reasons why which are not easy to spot. Although disappointing it's important to get the right ID in the end.