Thursday, 4 May 2017

Harden Moor

Thursday May 4th a.m.
After a dull start the morning brightened up so I decided to pay a visit to Harden Moor where its usually better to see Warblers singing with the sun out all though with a strong wind blowing this might keep them down, the temperature was 11°C.There were 10 Sand Martins over the quarry and soon I picked up a Willow Warbler, then walking further along I picked up a different tune. After a bit of searching I located the Garden Warbler and later saw a couple more singing birds and another carrying nesting material.I also spotted a Willow Warbler displaying which I have not seen before, it would have made a good picture but I was far too slow.Soon after I saw a Whitethroat singing and in a different spot another was singing, also four Redpolls were seen, and good to see a Peacock Butterfly.
Garden Warbler


Willow Warbler


Peacock Butterfly

Garden Warbler on Harden Moor 4/5/2017

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