Saturday, 13 May 2017


Saturday 13th May a.m.
A morning with spells of rain and blustery wind and a temperature of 10°C led me to Leeshaw Reservoir to see if anything unusual had dropped in.There were four noisy Oystercatchers, Curlew, Little Owl, Lapwing, Greylags, Pied Wagtail and a couple of Swallows.There was a small flock of five Linnets, a couple of Mipits and a BH Gull,five Herring and a LBB Gull dropped in.The camera had stayed in its case with rain coming down but when I got to the field with three Curlew in, the one nearest me looked different.This one head a couple of head stripes, a more noticeable stripe through the eye line and a shorter bill leading me to consider Whimbrel! I've not seen one before so I couldn't give it a definite ID, this meant the camera had to come out for a couple of quick record pictures in the hope that someone will be able to give me a yeah or nah for Whimbrel?
possible Whimbrel?


  1. Yep. It's a whimbrel. Head pattern is good. Maybe a female as bill quite long but hard to tell on a lone bird.

  2. Thank you Mick, great to get confirmation of this rare visitor to the Bradford area, and the first time I've seen one!