Saturday, 27 May 2017

Harold Park

Saturday May 27th a.m.
A hazy morning with a temperature of 16°C as I arrived at Harold Park where I headed for the lake.As I approached the lake I could see in the distance a pair of Mute Swans(Tag yellow 468) with young Cygnets, as I got closer I was able to count seven of them.Others here included Tufted Duck, Coots with four nests,Canadas, GC Grebe and a Mistle Thrush.
 A quick visit to Park Dam where a pair of Coots with five chicks which had to make a quick exit from their nest as a Carrion Crow came in trying to nab one for breakfast.There were also three GC Grebes,Tufted Duck and Sand Martin above the water.
Mistle Thrush

Mute Swan Cygnet

Coot with chicks at Park Dam

Mute Swans and Cygnets at Harold Park 27/5/2017

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