Saturday 26 May 2012

Bempton Cliffs

Saturday May 26th
 We had a trip to Bempton Cliffs on the coast of East Yorkshire just North of Bridlington
today where it was 15°C with plenty of sunshine but a bit windy.We came here last year to
see the thousands of sea birds which nest and breed on the sheer cliff faces and a return visit was
a bit overdue.Its a wonderful sight, and a bonus for me this year was to get some better views of
the Puffins.We saw Gannets,Guillemots,Razorbills,Kittiwakes and Herring Gulls the numbers of
these birds peaks around 200,000 and I think that would be a good reflection of what we saw.
I have had chance to sort out some of the many snaps we took so here we go...
Puffin 1

Puffin 2





Herring Gull

Spot the Puffin among the other sea birds on the cliff

Bempton Cliffs

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