Monday, 7 May 2012

Peel Park, Bradford

Monday May 7th a.m
 During our walk round the village this morning with the dog we saw more House Martins with
the number up to five in last weeks location and an additional three in another spot.
  On our way to our first visit of the day we past through Hewenden seeing some Swallows on a
rooftop so we stopped and took a snap, always a better picture if you can get some sunlight on
the subject.
 We tried a new location this morning, Peel Park in Bradford, it was a sunny start to the day with
a temperature of 5°C. The grounds were looking good with some Cherry blossom out, the pond
here is fairly small but still had some birds. There were also plenty Feral Pigeons and not a bad
2 - Blackbird
1 - Blue Tit
3 - Canadas
4 - Carrion Crow
20 - Feral Pigeon
8 - Mallard
4 - Moorhen
2 - Tufted Duck

Feral Pigeon

Tufted Ducks

Swallows at Hewenden

Peel Park 1

Peel Park 2

Peel Park 3

Peel Park 4


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