Sunday, 13 May 2012

Denso Marston Nature Reserve

Sunday May 13th a.m.
 We paid a visit to the Denso Marston Nature Reserve in Shipley this morning which is alongside
the River Aire. It was bright and sunny with a temperature of 9°C, as we walked alongside the river
we heard some rustling along the opposite bank and a Deer appeared from the undergrowth and ran
off. This was quickly followed by a second, they must have been in the river having a drink, which
seems quite risky as the river is high and running quickly. We saw a Pheasant in the fields opposite
and Chiffchaff were singing loudly as were Wrens which we caught site of a couple. Other birds we
saw were Jay,Blackcap,Swallow,Mistle Thrush,Mallard and other common species. We also enjoyed
looking at some of the plants flowering and took snaps of Ramsons Wild Garlic and Sweet Cicely.


Ramsons Wild Garlic

Sweet Cicely

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