Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lister Park,Bradford

Sunday May 20th a.m.
 A chilly start to the day with grey skies and a temperature of 4.5°C on our arrival at Lister Park,
Bradford. We started off at the pond area seeing Canadas,Coots,Mallards,Moorhen and Tufted
Ducks. A walk round the pond showed nothing unusual until we completed the circuit and then we
saw a Grey Heron had arrived, it moved as some joggers approached it and went to where the boats
are giving us chance to get a snap. A Chaffinch landed just in front of us and a Coot was on the grass
giving us a couple more snaps to take. We then walked up by the stream seeing Greenfinch,Great Tit,
Blue Tit,Long-tailed Tit and Wren. At the top end of the park we saw a pair of Bullfinch which were
a distance away giving only record snaps, then our attention turned to another bird on the grass in front
of a tree.It was a Great Spotted Woodpecker we're not used to seeing these on the ground, it soon
started to move up the tree where we managed to get a decent snap. Back down to the pond where a
couple of Coot chicks were now showing along with a young Robin.We sat down for a while and we
caught sight of a bird fly across the pond into a tree, with the bins we saw it was a Grey Wagtail.It flew
back across landing some distance from us meaning we could only get poor record snaps, but good
to see it as we've not seen one for a while.
Great Spotted Woodpecker



Coot chicks

Grey Heron waiting for a boat ride

distant male Bullfinch

Lister Park, Bradford

Lister Park, Bradford

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