Friday 25 May 2012

Garden Visitors

Friday May 25th
 What a week of good weather we've had with temperatures up into the mid twenties and some
glorious sunshine. In the garden we have had regular visits from Bullfinch,Goldfinch,Robin,Blackbird,
Jackdaw,Dunnock,Collared Dove and Woodpigeon.In the mornings and evenings we've also been
treated to the singing of a Song Thrush. As I write this with the window open I can hear it tuning up for
another session so I'll hurry up and go sit in the garden to enjoy the evening sunshine and the singing.
 The garden has a good selection of flowers out including Bellis,Forget-me-not,Allium,Bluebells and
Strawberries. Helped my dad this week catch up with some gardening jobs in the sunshine and we
planted out some Spring Onoins and Beetroot seedlings.We also planted some Lettuce,Beetroot and
Radish seeds, so hopefully we will have a good crop.
Song Thrush






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