Saturday, 5 May 2012

Leeshaw and Leeming Reservoirs

Saturday May 5th a.m.
 Following our visit to Ogden we went to Leeshaw Reservoir near Oxenhope where it was still
cold at just 2°C. Here there were Swallows hawking close above the water,there were Canadas
on the water and in the surrounding fields and there was a Cormorant fishing. There were also two
Redshank at the edge of the water,Lapwings,Curlew and Meadow Pipits were in the surrounding
fields. As we were looking at these in one field we spotted a Little Owl sat on the ground and very
well camouflaged, very easy for us to have missed this bird.
  On our way home we called in at Leeming Reservoir where there were more Swallows and we saw
two Jays fly across a nearby field. We also saw eight Sand Martins, our first of the year feeding close
above the water with the Swallows.There was a Greylag on the water with a few Mallards and as we
walked to the top end of the Reservoir we saw a Willow Warbler.At the top end as we were looking
at the stream and pond area we heard our second of the day Cuckoo calling from the nearby woods.
The returning Cuckoo should be the first signs of summer but with the cold temperatures at the moment
it feels more like Winter.

Little Owl



Willow Warbler

Leeshaw Reservoir

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