Sunday, 6 May 2012

Blacktoft Sands

Sunday May 6th
 We had a trip to Blacktoft Sands near Goole today, this is a RSPB Nature Reserve which has hides
overlooking lagoons surrounded by Reed beds. The weather was good with sunny spells and a
temperature rising from 5°C to 10°C during our visit. The main bird I wanted to see was the Avocet,
these could be seen mainly at the Marshland hide with 25 on the islands. The breeding season is under
way for the Avocets with a clutch of eggs clearly visible on one island all though they didn't spend much
time sat on them.Also from this hide I saw Little Grebe,Greylags,BH Gull,Mute Swan,Coot,Gadwall,
Mallards and a Whitethroat.
  Moving between the hides there were around 35 Swift overhead, my first of the year, hopefully we
will be seeing them locally soon.With the Swift were Swallows and House Martins overhead, and in
the Reeds Sedge Warbler were singing, and what a great variation they have, lovely to hear, and
occasionally they sang from the top of the Reeds giving us a chance to see them and take a snap.
Others were singing too and we saw Reed Bunting,Pheasant,Tree Sparrow and Moorhen with some
  From Xerox hide we saw more of the above mentioned birds plus a Pochard and a Shoveler which
briefly appeared out from the Reeds. Overhead Marsh Harrier flew across the Reed beds and we
heard report of a Hen Harrier but missed out on that one. A good day out with the Avocets seen along
with many others seen and heard.
Avocet 1

Avocet 2

Avocet 3

Little Grebe

Marsh Harrier 1

Marsh Harrier 2

Sedge Warbler


Reed Bunting

Tree Sparrow

Avocets with a clutch of eggs, and a BH Gull at the back.

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  1. A great day out there, Blacktofts a good place to gen up on bird I.D. at close range. Cracking photos, well done.