Thursday, 31 May 2012

Garden Visitors

Thursday May 31st
 I was sat out in the garden earlier this week when I noticed a Greenfinch on the bird feeder
which suddenly flew towards me landing under a bush just in front of me.This seemed odd,then
I saw a young Great Spotted Woodpecker was in the Plum tree near the feeders, it probably saw
me and was soon on its way.This left the Greenfinch in front of me, it went onto a branch of the bush
and then a small tree just a couple of meters away.This gave me a great view of it and fortunately I
had my camera and so got some close up snaps.It stayed for a couple of minuets, probably waiting
for the GSW to move out of the area before it moved on.
 Elsewhere in the garden our Peonys and Aquilegias are flowering well.





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