Sunday, 24 March 2013

Local Walk

Sunday March 24th a.m.
 Well can you believe it at the start of spring we have had two days of heavy
snow fall at least 15cm Friday & Saturday making any thoughts of birding impossible.
Today no more snow but strong winds blowing & drifting snow over icy roads, so we decided
to head out on foot with the temperature at -1°C and in the biting wind feeling much colder.
As we went up the path toward the Great Northern Trail we saw a Blue Tit doing its best to
get some food in these terrible conditions.The path ahead was blocked by deep snow drifts
but fortunately we were turning left on to the trail. A couple of Blackbirds around here and some
more Blue Tits, a Carrion Crow was fighting against the strong wind.We went along the trail to
Hewenden Viaduct where we had some distant views of birds on the Reservoir. BH Gulls were
the first we saw, then on a small bit of land at the far side of the water a Cormorant was holding
its wings out. This we normally see them doing as they bask in strong sunshine, there was none of
that today, there were others with it and when they moved on the water we counted 10 of them.
We also spotted a pair of Gt.C.Grebe and some Canadas,the wind was gusting across the top of
the viaduct making it difficult for us to get some record shots but we struggled on. We then headed
back towards Hallas Lane walking against the strong wind which was blowing the snow into my
face, the dog didn't seem bothered by it,mind you she has a better fur coat than me.
 We continued against the wind down to Hallas Bridge where we briefly saw a Dipper as it flew
upstream, a couple of snaps here, then it was off home to get warm, seeing House Sparrows,
Starlings & Woodpigeons on our way.
Blue Tit

Luckily we're turning left here

Hewenden Viaduct


Cormorants moving on to the water

Ten counted here

Canadas,Gt C Grebe & I think two Cormorants top left.

Hewenden Reservoir

Hallas Beck


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  1. Nice count of Cormorant there Danny, good to see so many together.
    The top Hallas beck photo is a belter, picture postcard material.