Sunday 13 May 2012

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday May 13th a.m.
 Another trip to Yeadon Tarn where the sun was still shining but clouds were building with a
temperature of 10°C and a strong blustery wind. Here Sand Martins were feeding low over the
water and later we saw Swallows and House Martins join them. It was also good to catch up with
our old friend the Bar-headed Goose which was having a nap with the Canadas,Mallards and Mute
Swans. They all soon woke up when someone came and spread some bird feed, so we had the
chance to take a couple of snaps. Walking round we also saw a couple of BH Gulls and there were
three Great Crested Grebes and a Coot with a chick. Whilst we were looking at these at the airport
end of the Tarn a couple of birds came in flying around and landing on the wooden barriers. We were
delighted to see it was a pair of Common Terns , maybe the same ones we saw on our last visit which
have stayed in the local area, we can only guess. We then saw some Swift appear which capped a
good mornings birding off very well.
Bar-headed Goose

Mute Swan

Coot with chick

Great Crested Grebes

Common Tern

Terns facing into the blustery wind

Tern arrives at Yeadon Tarn

Mute Swans having a lap of the Tarn

Yeadon Tarn


  1. Nice to see the Bar Headed Goose Danny.I spotted one (maybe the same one) at Pauls Pond, Breary Marsh near Goldenacre Park a few weeks back. Is it a regular at Yeadon Tarn?

  2. There have been reports of it at Yeadon Tarn from time to time over the last
    few weeks Linda, it's the first time we've seen it at Yeadon.
    It seems to move around with the Canadas, we have seen it earlier in the year at Lister Park in Bradford where it stayed for several weeks.

  3. Nice one on the Terns again , no sightings over this area so far.